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All Ghusoon Spa & Salon Services are done by therapist who have been well trained and have worked in their respective fields for many years.


Ghusoon has great Make-up Artist who has worked on Celebrities around Arabia and In Bahrain.  Grimas Make-up makes their work easier and quicker; it will last well for hours of wear and will not cause breakouts or negative skin reactions.  You will have a flawless complexion & stunning appearance in 25mins or less.

Heavy Makeup BD 25
Light Makeup BD 20
Eye Makeup BD 12
Face Foundation BD 5
Body Foundation BD 7
Eye lashes BD 5
Bridal Makeup BD 50
Private 1 hr Class in Make-Up Application BD 30

Ghusoon has one of the few female Tattoo Artist in Bahrain and her work is outstanding on all areas from face to body.
Tattoo Eyeliner BD 120
Tattoo Eyebrow BD 80
Tattoo Lip BD 100
Tattoo Contour BD 75
Tattoo Mole BD 20
Tattoo Body Design Prices Depends on Design
Tattoo Retouch Prices Depends on Design

Full Face BD 5
Eye Brows OR Upper Lips BD 2
Half Arms BD 3
Full Arms BD 5
Half Legs BD 4
Full Legs BD 6
Under Arms BD 2
Bikini Line BD 3
Legs, Arms & Under Arms BD 13
Legs, Arms, Under Arms & Bikini Line BD 15
Brazilian Full Down BD 10
Half Back BD 4
Full Back BD 5
Full Front (breast, Chest & tummy) BD 5
Bottom or Breast BD 3
Whole Body BD 25

Forehead BD 1.5
Upper lip                BD 1
Chin BD 1
Neck BD 1.500
Full Face BD 7

Eyebrows BD 2
Arabic Design              
Hand Front Half BD 3
Hand Front Full BD 4
Indian Design              
Hand Front Half BD 3
Hand Front Full BD 4


Extension Semi Permanent BD 40
Extension Refill BD 25
Permed Eye Lashes                          BD 20

Eyebrow Bleach BD 2
Facial Hair Bleach               BD 5
Body Bleach BD 10


If you have been looking for a gel nail to try, look no further.  Brisa™ is hypo-allergenic and odor-free and that’s nothing to sneeze at?  Brisa Gels is like a coat of armor for the nails and its luminous shine is unparalleled. Brisa is a permanent top coat applied to your own strong natural nails, or used over a tip.  Brisa reinforces your nails to make them stronger;  while giving you thin, light, natural looking nails.  So beautiful will be your result, you will find it hard to believe it is only Brisa Gel on your nails.

Full Set 90 mins     BD 20
Full Set with French Tips 2.5 hrs  BD 25
Full Set Sculpting Gel 90 mins  BD 28
Full Set Natural Overlays 60 mins  BD 15
Full Set French Overlays   90 mins  BD 18
Rebalancing Natural 60 mins BD 10
Rebalancing French 90 mins  BD 15
Gel Removal 60 mins BD 10
Full Set with French Tips       3hrs    

BD 30

Full Set with Natural Overlays 75min BD 18
Full Set with French Overlays 120mins BD 22



Acrylic nails are a two part system made of a liquid and a powder (a monomer and polymer). When mixed together, they form a thick consistency that is placed over the natural nails or on top of artificial tips.   Your nails will be beautiful for many weeks afterwards and when you are ready to have it done again (after your own nails have grown out) then request an infilling which will only take half the time as it did to first apply.

Full Set Natural Tips 90 mins BD 20
Full Set with French Tips 2.5 hrs BD 25
Full Set Sculptured Acrylic 90 mins  BD 28
Full Set Natural Overlays 60 mins    BD 18
Full Set French Overlays 90 mins   BD 22
Rebalancing Natural  60 mins BD 12
Rebalancing French  90 mins BD 18
Acrylic Removal with Treatment  60 mins BD 8
Full Set with French Tips      

BD 30

Full Set with Natural Overlays BD 21
Full Set with French Overlays BD 25
Acrylic Removal with Treatment
BD 10
BD 10
Basic Manicure with Polish
BD 5
Basic Pedicure with Polish
BD 5
Basic Mani & Pedi Combination without Polish BD 8
Basic Mani & Pedi Combination with Polish
BD 9
Basic Mani & Pedi Combination with Polish
BD 9
BD 1.500
French Polish
BD 2
Ghusoon Deluxe Manicure with Massage
BD 10
Ghusoon Deluxe Pedicure with Massage
BD 15
PARAFFIN TREATMENTS can be added for an additional BD 4.000 or BD 6.000 together