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All Ghusoon Spa & Salon Services are done by therapist who have been well trained and have worked in their respective fields for many years.


Bath are considered a sacred ritual in the Far East as it is used to invigorate, heal, detoxify, smooth and even whiten the skin color.Baths will rejuvenates & improve the skin overall look and texture as it also helps to relieve from stress by relaxing the body while improving blood circulation in the joints &, muscles. Stop and take approximately 50mins only to let your skin travel around the Arab World by experiencing the bath of your choice.


It is an intense cleansing and exfoliating body treatment and should be combined with a massage for greater relaxation. The deep cleansing begins using traditional Moroccan Black soap, which quickly penetrates the skin breaking up any dead skin cells that accumulate on our bodies over time. Steam is used to assist in opening the pores as the soaps & masks work to clean, soften and hydrate your skin. Leave the spa feeling like a weight has been lifted from your body
Service Duration Price
Morrocan 50 Mins BD 14


The Iranian bath is done to clean, soften and lighten the skin tone. The bath starts the same as the Moroccan bath but special Iranian products are introduced that will help soften and lift away layers of impurities from the skin. Steam is also used to relax the body while assisting with better penetration of the purifying products.
Service Duration Price
Iranian 55 Mins BD 18

Ghusoon Deluxe Bath

Take a few minutes more to enjoy our Deluxe Bath which improves your skins fairness using special Lighteners made to enhance the skins natural color, thus leaving your skin Clean, Smooth, Invigorated and Whiter.
Service Duration Price
Ghusoon Deluxe Bath 60 Mins BD 25

Body Massages

Our deeply therapeutic, full body holistic massages from the feet up uses blends of essential oild that aromatically appeals to each individuals needs with light to medium pressure to relax the body whilst improving your overall sense of well being. Let your senses choose the scent that best helps your body to heal and recover from all life's stressors

Service Duration Price
Aromatherapy 30 Mins BD 10
Aromatherapy 55 Mins BD 18
Deluxe Aromatherapy 75 Mins BD 25


A Medium to deeper pressure Massage that will greatly improve circulation, tired, aching muscles and aids in the repairing & toning of muscles.

Service Duration Price
Swedish Massage 60 Mins BD 20


Called by many the Rolls Royce of body treatment; Aroma-stones applies the ancient art of aromatherapy and the heat of lava stones to enhance your sense of wellbeing and induce a deep sense of relaxation. Enjoy as your body is elevated into a level of serenity, calm & peace. Leave the spa feeling very relaxed & distressed with a revival of mind, body and spirit.
Service Duration Price
Aromastones 60 Mins BD 25


This is a Complementary Therapy that works on the feet or hands enabling the body to heal itself. Following illness, stress, injury or disease, your body is in a state of "imbalance", and thus vital energy pathways are blocked. These blockages prevent your body from functioning effectively, but the reflexology massage can restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium and encourage normal healing within your body.
Service Duration Price


These relaxing and nurturing massages specially designed for pregnant and nursing mothers to aid in relaxation and improve tonicity of the skin during this very special time. This treatment uses a body oil with natural Lavender essential oil to relax body and mind while giving you receive a safe treatment using approved massage techniques.
Service Duration Price


Revive your tired aching feet with a relaxing yet effective pressure point massage on the soles of the feet and also enjoy our circulation improving massage up to the knees. You will leave feeling as though you are walking on clouds.
Service Duration Price