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JF. Lazatigue Products

Mr. Lazartigue’s philosophy has always been to select the best available ingredients and use them in high concentrations. All of them are tested in the J.F. Lazartigue laboratories in France as well as in his salons & treatment centers.

01302-Vita Cream w/ Milk Proteins

BD 17.000
01304-Vita Cream w/ Milk Pro.(Fine hair) BD 17.000
01307-Vita Cream w/Shea Butter BD 17.000
01308-Leave-In Conditioner w/ Shea Butter BD 15.000
01315-Moisturizing Conditioner BD 11.000
01317-Moisturizing Foam BD 16.000
01319-Soy Milk Straightening Conditioner BD 18.000
01403-Anti-Dandruff Cream
BD 11.000
01406-Intensive Sebum Treatment BD 21.000
01408-Serum w/ Shea Butter BD 17.000
01419-Soy Milk Straightening Serum BD 17.000
01502-Hair Body Emulsion BD 14.000
01509-Disentangling Inst. Silk Pro. Spry BD 10.500
01511-Hair Styling Gel BD 7.000
01521-Hair Volume Tonic BD 15.000
01522-Volumizing Styling Gel BD 13.000
03304-Tea Oil Delicate Conditioner BD 21.000
03306-Bancoulier Oil Rich Conditioner BD 21.000
1107-Shea Butter Mask BD 20.000
01701-Neutralizing Bath BD 6.000
01703-Black BD 10.000
01705-Chestnut BD 10.000
01707-Golden Chestnut BD 10.000
01709-Light Chestnut BD 10.000
01711-Light Golden Chestnut
BD 10.000
01713-Auburn BD 10.000
01715-Dark Blond BD 10.000
01717-Light Blond BD 10.000
01719-Light Ash Blond
BD 10.000
01725-Chestnut Copper BD 10.000
01727-Blond BD 10.000
01729-Light Ash Chestnut BD 10.000
51707-Golden Chestnut BD 10.000
FIRST GRAY HAIR-35ml BD 10.000