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Guinot Services are performed in Bahrain at Ghusoon Spa & Salon by estheticians who have been trained by well qualified teacher from the Guinot institutes in Paris. All Ghusoon Spa & Salon Services are done by therapist who have been well trained and have worked in their respective fields for many years.

Guinot Facials
Hydradermie Treatments (Star Treatments)
A combination of advanced scientific technology and the skills of a highly trained esthetician together produce the ultimate in treatments, the Hydradermie Facial.

Recognizing the skin as a living organ, this facial was developed to help it live and age better. Offered in the U. S. only by estheticians who have been trained at Guinot headquarters in New York and Los Angeles, this unique treatment incorporates the use of mild galvanic currents, nourishing gels and massage for total rejuvenation of the complexion.
Service Duration Price
Hydradermie Face 75 Mins BD 32
Hydradermie Back 75 Mins BD 42
Hydradermie Eyes 35 Mins BD 20
Hydradermie Eye Lift 35 Mins BD 25
Hydradermie Lift 75 Mins BD 38
Hydradermie Lift Deluxe 105 Mins BD 65


The aromatic treatments are made up of 10 selected plant concentrates combined with 5 super concentrates of essential oils that together or operate synergistically for maximum benefits to the skin

Service Duration Price
Aromatic 60 Mins BD 25


The Liftosome Facial treatment is best suited for mature skins, and aims to energize, tighten and firm using Vitamin C to brighten the skin. Liftosome relaxes features, smoothes away fine lines and adds a luminous glow to the complexion.

Designed as more than merely a “lifting” treatment, the LIFTOSOME FACIAL acts on two levels, vertically for a firming action and horizontally to tighten the skin. Visually its effects are immediate with skin visibly enhanced at its conclusion.

Service Duration Price
Liftosome 60 Mins BD 39

Beauté Neuve Double Peeling Treatment with Fruit acids, Glycolic Acids and Pure Vitamin C

Beauté Neuve Double Peeling treatment offers excellent results on pigmentation marks and may also be used to treat the hands or décolleté.

Beauté Neuve Double Peeling Treatment