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All Ghusoon Spa & Salon Services are done by therapist who have been well trained and have worked in their respective fields for many years.

Clients typically see results after three months of consistent treatments

The Most beautiful Hair in the world

The renowned Hair & Scalp Analysis has been improved using a numeric camera. This revolutionary technology is unprecedented among hair care specialists!

The Numeric Hair Analyzer

The Numeric Hair Analyzer is connected to a laptop that shows pictures of your scalp and generates a personalized prescription on the spot. The new zoom levels allow for magnification of your hair and scalp 50,100,120 or even 160 times!

Our specialists will educate you on the condition of your hair and scalp and will recommend treatments. Typical diagnoses are dry hair, dry scalp, oily scalp and will recommend treatments. Typical diagnoses are dry hair, dry scalp, oily scalp, split ends and dandruff. Your prescription is catered to your personal needs. The data related to your analysis is kept on file in our system. You are able to review the progress of your hair's condition as you are treating your hair!

J.F. Lazartique Hair Correction System

Service Price
Computerise Hair Analysis BD 15 (Free at Ghusoon only)
Wash BD 03
Treatment only BD 15
Golden Treatment BD 55
Course of 5 Golden Treatments BD 250
Classical Treatment BD 45
Course of 5 Classical Treatments BD 200
Root Color Mix BD 20+
Full Length Color BD 30

If you have any of these hair problems; weak, thin, unhealthy, breakage, dandruff, or balding spots then request a LAZARTIQUE Hair Consultation at a value of BD 15 and you will receive it complimentary and 20% off your first Treatment or Home Care products.